Summer 2017 RVing Recap: Week 5

Day 29: It was late when we pulled off from the Turnagain Arm the night before. Alaska has very liberal camping laws. Basically, as long as there is no signage that states “No overnight parking” you are welcome to camp there. It’s a very RV friendly state. I woke up, opened the shade to the […]

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The Trip Planner

I’ve been asked what my process is for putting together a trip so I thought I would put together a quick reference guide to how I go about it and what resources I find myself using time and time again. It all starts with a main destination. My husband and I had a conversation years […]

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Summer 2017 RVing Recap: Week 3

Day 15: While route planning the night before, we realized we were only a few hours from crossing into the Northwest Territories of Canada. This was a place we had not considered visiting before. We heard that the wildlife was rampant and that the drive alone was an experience! So we chose to “go on […]

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Summer 2017 RVing Recap: Week 2

When we started planning this trip, the thought of driving all the way up to Alaska was a bit intimidating. You hear all the rumors about the roads being so rough, they are nearly impossible to drive on at a speed greater than 20mph. About there being so few gas stations that you need to […]

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Summer 2017 RVing Recap: Week 1

As with any form of travel, prepping to leave is the hardest part! I always get anxiety that I am going to forget something important. And I’m not talking about something like a toothbrush that you can pick up at a drugstore when you reach your destination – I am talking non-replaceable items. My two […]

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Summer Hangover

I suck at blogging. I had big plans of documenting every moment of our two months of living on the road up to Alaska…a virtual diary of our adventures. I wanted to remember every detail. And here we are, nearly two months back home and I am still editing DAY 11 of our trip! Yikes! […]

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