Summer Hangover

I suck at blogging. I had big plans of documenting every moment of our two months of living on the road up to Alaska…a virtual diary of our adventures. I wanted to remember every detail. And here we are, nearly two months back home and I am still editing DAY 11 of our trip! Yikes! Doing an Instagram update every few days while traveling was about the extent of it. I did keep an old fashioned hand written journal to pen the highlights of each day so I could reference it while working on our family photo yearbook, but blogging? Nope. Do I regret it? Nope. I was immersed in RELAXING.

Photo credit: Coleen Hodges

I enjoyed that we were mostly disconnected from technology and electronics. I enjoyed hours of watching life through a windshield instead of a television or laptop screen. Hiking, biking, exploring…LIVING. Was it without it’s stresses? No, of course not. We still have four kids!! There were still the usual sibling squabbles to put out, the baby that needed to nap regardless of where we were at the time, and clients sending angry text messages because my husband was unreachable for periods of time. But at the end of each day, we knew there was nowhere on earth we would rather be than in our tiny home on wheels – together!!


I am putting together a series of “recap” posts on our summer now that the hangover is subsided and we are readjusting to being home and living a “normal” scheduled life with kids doing the 8-3 at school and hubby working. I’m hoping to preserve the memories of this time in our lives, but also that it will serve as a guide for those of you out there that are planning a large trip up to Alaska but have no clue where to even begin. Anyone considering a trip of this magnitude…all I have to say is JUST DO IT. You will not regret it for a moment. Time is so precious, I always want to live in the NOW and not the SOME DAY. I know financially that it isn’t for everybody, but if you can somehow make it work, even if it’s just a one week adventure – do it!

Photo credit: Coleen Hodges

Eighteen summers. That’s all we get with them, right?


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