Kid’s Birthday Parties: Rainbow Pool Party!

Last week I shared my daughter’s Art Party details and I briefly mentioned that the previous year she had a Rainbow Pool Party so thought I would share some fun details from that party as well!

The food is SO fun with this theme!

As I said, I love a good theme and this one was so much fun because it involved color! There are so many possibilities with a Rainbow party, but immediately I knew I wanted to do one of those six layer rainbow cakes. For this cake, I bought six boxes of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix in each color of the rainbow. I also bought the white Pillsbury frosting. I figured since I was making SIX boxes of cake, cutting corners with store bought frosting would be okay. Since I only had two 8″ round cake pans, I made two cakes Wednesday, two on Thursday, and two on Friday. I used frosting to “glue” each layer together and kept them in the refrigerator.

This cake is easier than it looks!

On Saturday I coated the whole outside with a second tub of white vanilla Pillsbury frosting and kept it simple by printing my own little cake banner with my daughter’s name in rainbow colors and a #6 candle!

Other party food included yogurt dipped pretzels with rainbow sprinkles, fresh fruit skewers in rainbow color order, chocolate chip cookies with colorful M&Ms, and a rainbow veggie tray with dip! I bought mini water bottles and colored them with a drop of liquid Kool-Aid.

I found these glass jars with colorful lids at Michael’s on clearance and scooped them right up! I filled them with Sixlets chocolate candies to create a fun rainbow backdrop for the party table, but didn’t factor in the heat outside, so chocolate candy was definitely not the right decision and these babies ended up staying inside for the party. For a pool party, I would recommend gumballs!

We also had a rainbow lollipop bouquet because those look so fun on a party table and are always a hit with the kiddos!

Party favors were fun too! Since it was just a bunch of little girls at the party, we did rainbow glitter lip glosses, rainbow rings, and colorful rubberbands to make bracelets with.

We were blessed with perfect sunny weather on the party day and all the kids had a blast! I bought jumbo balloons from Amazon and tied them to matching color buckets from the Dollar Tree to decorate around the pool.

And when it was time to cut the cake…bam! Look at that rainbow of color!! So much fun and all the kids were extremely impressed!

This girl was on a cloud after a day of swimming and snacking with friends! Another successful party down!

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