Custom Home Inspiration: Owner’s Entry

I have been away for awhile but have been thinking about how much is going on and I really want to have a good account of this time in our lives. Our kids are growing faster by the minute (almost 9, 7, and 3) and we are starting the process of achieving a goal that we’ve had since we were high school sweethearts. Building OUR OWN custom home. My husband has had a big year since he passed all of his exams last spring and is an official licensed architect. He has spent years designing dream homes for everybody else and we have always known someday our day would come as well. We have purchased the land and we have been working on floorplan designs for years. It is a constantly evolving process as our tastes change and our family has grown. But I think we finally got it right this time.
I’ve been taking time to find inspiration on Pinterest and want to share some ideas on here! First up… the owner’s entry! On the east coast or mid-west, you may call it your mudroom but we don’t get much rain here in Arizona so we are calling it our owner’s entry. It may be the hardest working space in a home since it is the “dump station” for everything you drag in the house every day. Each family member needs their own basket to store their shoes and a hook or two for backpacks, sports bags, purse, etc. Extra space up high would be great for things you only use seasonally, like sunscreen and pool hats or mittens, gloves and snow boots. This is one of my favorites:

This one is pretty nice, too. I love the character in the ceiling and floor compass.

What I like about this one is the interest in the rustic barnwood backing. I like a dose of character and have been really liking rustic wood details lately.

And I have always loved the warm comfortable feeling of Megan’s owner’s entry from Honey We’re Home:

This space also needs a dump zone for the kid’s school papers, incoming mail, coupons and a bulletin board for calendars and reminders. This is great for each kiddo.

This one is nice because the wire baskets force me to see what’s inside and file away or attend to it instead of forgetting about it.

And lastly, I will leave you with this fabulous space!

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~ Tamie

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